a Special Event Agency

Love to plan and manage events and make a mark…
But first we listen to you. We like briefs. But if briefs are not enough we won’t be upset, we won’t hold a grudge.
We are fun….we are curious, creative and innovative. We are inquisitive, target focused, fast and environmentally conscious.
We are very experienced…We love our work.
We are the setters of milestones in the sector,
and of succeeding in firsts.
We love technology and we use it but we are also emotional. We believe in people, we think exclusive to the job at hand,
we aim for distinctive solutions.
We laugh a lot and have fun together.
We were founded in 2005…But we are a team that has achieved many firsts in Turkey and taken initiative way before then.
We look to the future, we work hard and we are growing.

Event Management

Corporate Events- Factory, Facility, Vendor, HQ Opening Ceremonies - Galas and celebration organizations - Annual Meetings - National and International Conferences, Seminars - In Company Communication Services - Vendor/Sales-Marketing Team Meetings - Indoor / Outdoor Corporate Training - Family Days and Picnic Organizations - Encouragement Motivational Meetings - Marketing communication project development - Sponsorship projects research and development - KSS projects research and development - Alternative channel / media development -


“Brand Communication" Events - Tasting Activities Indoor / Outdoor - Sales Location promotional activities - Drawing Organizations - Concert Organizations - National and International Sports Activities - Festivals, Fashion Shows, Party Organizations - Special Venue Events (Campus, Shopping Center) - Fair Stand Design, Application - “Roadshow” and Tour Management - Product Launch Organizations -


Individual accommodation service with fast access in 81 cities throughout Turkey - International ‘incentive’ travel - National/International meeting organizations - registration, social program and transport services for foreign conferences - National and international ‘tailor made’ programs - Turkey programs/operations for Foreign ‘Incentive’ groups -